1912 Elgin, Free For All Trophy Race
31 August - Elgin, IL: 36 laps x 13.631 km = 490.720 km

 Pole Position: N/A
Fastest lap: N/A


1  4 Ralph DePalma      Mercedes     4:25:36.25
2  8 Erwin Bergdoll     Benz         4:30:28.28
3  1 Ralph Mulford      Knox         32 laps


   5 Eddie Hearne        Fiat        16 Broken transmission
  15 Hughie Hughes       Mercer      15 Burned crank bearing
   2 George Clark        Mercedes     5 Wrecked

Relief Drivers

   1 Billy Chandler      Knox           Rel Mulford 33-36
Did Not Start:

   9 David Bruce-Brown   Fiat         9 arrived late
   9 Ted Tetzlaff        Fiat         9 Sheared diff bolts
  11 Neil Whalen         National    11 broken magneto

Race Notes
1) Free-for-all class, no engine limits
2) The Free for all race wasrun concurrently with Elgin Trophy race. 
The Trophy race was limited to 600 ci engines and went for 30
    laps.  Bergdoll's Benz was over 600 ci so he was only elgible for 
    the FFA.  For some reason which I've never been able to explain,
    some only ran the 30 lap race while others stayed on the course for
    the additional 6 laps.
3) Mulford relieved after being overcome with heat
4) Weather was extremely warm
5) Bergdoll challenged DePalma for lead until pit stop on 35th lap. 
   Tire on fire and delays experienced changing.