2000 Grand Prix of Monaco
4 June - Monaco: 262.860 km (3.370 km x 77 laps)

Pole position: M.Schumacher  Ferrari 1m 19.475s
Fastest Lap: M.Hakkinen      McLaren 1m 21.571s


1   D.Coulthard   McLaren   1hr 49m 28.213s
2   R.Barrichello Ferrari          +15.889s
3   G.Fisichella  Benetton         +18.522s
4   E.Irvine      Jaguar        +1m 05.923s
5   M.Salo        Sauber        +1m 20.774s
6   M.Hakkinen    McLaren    1 Laps
7   J.Villeneuve  BAR        1 Laps
8   N.Heidfeld    Prost      1 Laps
9   J.Herbert     Jaguar     2 Laps
10r H.Frentzen    Jordan     8 Laps Accident

Did Not Finish:

    J.Verstappen  Arrows    59 Accident
    M.Schumacher  Ferrari   54 Suspension
    R.Zonta       BAR       47 Accident
    R.Schumacher  Williams  36 Accident
    J.Trulli      Jordan    35 Gearbox
    P.Diniz       Sauber    29 Accident
    J.Alesi       Prost     28 Gearbox
    G.Mazzacane   Minardi   21 Accident
    M.Gene        Minardi   20 Gearbox
    A.Wurz        Benetton  17 Accident
    J.Button      Williams  15 Throttle

Did Not Start:

   P.de la Rosa  Arrows       Accident

Qualifying Times:

1  M.Schumacher  Ferrari  1m 19.475s
2  J.Trulli      Jordan   1m 19.746s
3  D.Coulthard   McLaren  1m 19.888s
4  H.Frentzen    Jordan   1m 19.961s
5  M.Hakkinen    McLaren  1m 20.241s
6  R.Barrichello Ferrari  1m 20.416s
7  J.Alesi       Prost    1m 20.494s
8  G.Fisichella  Benetton 1m 20.703s
9  R.Schumacher  Williams 1m 20.742s
10 E.Irvine      Jaguar   1m 20.743s
11 J.Herbert     Jaguar   1m 20.792s
12 A.Wurz        Benetton 1m 20.871s
13 M.Salo        Sauber   1m 21.561s
14 J.Button      Williams 1m 21.605s
15 J.Verstappen  Arrows   1m 21.738s
16 P.de la Rosa  Arrows   1m 21.832s
17 J.Villeneuve  BAR      1m 21.848s
18 N.Heidfeld    Prost    1m 22.017s
19 P.Diniz       Sauber   1m 22.136s
20 R.Zonta       BAR      1m 22.324s
21 M.Gene        Minardi  1m 23.721s
22 G.Mazzacane   Minardi  1m 23.794s

1) The Race was to run over 78 laps ,but with A Wurz stalling his car on the grid
   it was changed to 77 laps.
2) P De la Rosa did not start in the restarted race in which the FIA timing 
   and logging equipment which keeps track of the race went down in the previous
   start, also in the same the lap of the red flag going out to stop the race 
   , a five car accident happened in which P De la Rosa was involved in , had 
   no spare car restart the race in.