2001 Grand Prix of Belgium
2 September - Spa Francorchamps: 250.831 km (6.968 km x 36 laps)

Pole position: J.Montoya     Williams  1m 52.072s
Fastest Lap:   M.Schumacher  Ferrari   1m 49.758s


 1 M.Schumacher  Ferrari   1hr 8m 05.002s
 2 D.Coulthard   McLaren         +10.098s
 3 G.Fisichella  Benetton        +27.742s
 4 M.Hakkinen    McLaren         +36.087s
 5 R.Barrichello Ferrari         +54.521s
 6 J.Alesi       Jordan          +59.684s
 7 R.Schumacher  Williams        +59.986s
 8 J.Villeneuve  BAR          +1m 04.970s
 9 H.Frentzen    Prost       35 laps
10 J.Verstappen  Arrows      35 laps
11 O.Panis       BAR         35 laps
12 E.Bernoldi    Arrows      35 laps
13 T.Marques     Minardi     32 laps

Did Not Finish:

   J.Trulli      Jordan      31 Engine
   J.Button      Benetton    17 Accident
   P.de la Rosa  Jaguar       1 suspension
   J.Montoya     Williams     1 Engine
   N.Heidfeld    Sauber       0 Suspension

Did Not Start: * (See Notes below)

   K.Raikkonen   Sauber       4 Gearbox  *
   L.Burti       Prost        3 Accident *
   E.Irvine      Jaguar       3 Accident *
   F.Alonso      Minardi      1 Gearbox  *

Qualifying Times:

 1 J.Montoya     Williams  1m 52.072s
 2 R.Schumacher  Williams  1m 52.959s
 3 M.Schumacher  Ferrari   1m 54.685s
 4 H.Frentzen    Prost     1m 55.233s
 5 R.Barrichello Ferrari   1m 56.116s
 6 J.Villeneuve  BAR       1m 57.038s
 7 M.Hakkinen    McLaren   1m 57.043s
 8 G.Fisichella  Benetton  1m 57.668s
 9 D.Coulthard   McLaren   1m 58.008s
10 P.de la Rosa  Jaguar    1m 58.519s
11 O.Panis       BAR       1m 58.838s
12 K.Raikkonen   Sauber    1m 59.050s
13 J.Alesi       Jordan    1m 59.128s
14 N.Heidfeld    Sauber    1m 59.302s
15 J.Button      Benetton  1m 59.587s
16 J.Trulli      Jordan    1m 59.647s
17 E.Irvine      Jaguar    1m 59.689s
18 L.Burti       Prost     1m 59.900s

107% of Pole Time          1m 59.917s

19 J.Verstappen  Arrows    2m 02.039s
20 F.Alonso      Minardi   2m 02.594s
21 E.Bernoldi    Arrows    2m 03.048s
22 T.Marques     Minardi   2m 04.204s

Race Notes:

1: The race was to have taken place over 44 laps but was reduced too
   36 laps after two problems in first start to the Grand Prix. 
2: H-H Frentzen staled on the start grid, which lead to the race to be
   reduced by one lap. 
3: An accident between Eddie Irvine and Luciano Burti on lap four of
   the race in which the race was stopped on lap 4.
4: The race was then declared non-void that meant the first seven laps
   did not count towards the grand prix.
5: The Belgian grand Prix was restarted with four non-starters, which
   had retired from the original grand prix of four laps. 
6: The Belgian Grand Prix Grid for the restart of the race was the 
   positions of the original grand prix after four laps.
7: All Drivers were allowed start the first Grand Prix start.