2001 Grand Prix of Italy
16 September - Monza: 306.799 km (5.793 km x 53 laps)

Pole position: J.Montoya     Williams  1m 22.216s
Fastest Lap:   R.Schumacher  Williams  1m 25.073s


 1 J.Montoya     Williams 1hr 16m 58.493s
 2 R.Barrichello Ferrari         +05.175s
 3 R.Schumacher  Williams        +17.335s
 4 M.Schumacher  Ferrari         +24.991s
 5 P.de la Rosa  Jaguar       +1m 14.984s
 6 J.Villeneuve  BAR          +1m 22.469s
 7 K.Raikkonen   Sauber       +1m 23.107s
 8 J.Alesi       Jordan      52 Laps
 9 O.Panis       BAR         52 Laps
10 G.Fisichella  Benetton    52 Laps
11 N.Heidfeld    Sauber      52 Laps
12 T.Enge        Prost       52 Laps
13 F.Alonso      Minardi     51 Laps

Did Not Finish:

   E.Bernoldi    Arrows      46 Engine
   A.Yoong       Minardi     44 Spun Off
   H.Frentzen    Prost       28 Electrics
   J.Verstappen  Arrows      25 Engine
   M.Hakkinen    McLaren     19 Gearbox
   E.Irvine      Jaguar      14 Engine
   D.Coulthard   McLaren      6 Engine
   J.Button      Benetton     4 Engine
   J.Trulli      Jordan       0 Accident

Qualifying Times:

 1 J.Montoya     Williams  1m 22.216s
 2 R.Barrichello Ferrari   1m 22.528s
 3 M.Schumacher  Ferrari   1m 22.624s
 4 R.Schumacher  Williams  1m 22.841s
 5 J.Trulli      Jordan    1m 23.126s
 6 D.Coulthard   McLaren   1m 23.148s
 7 M.Hakkinen    McLaren   1m 23.394s
 8 N.Heidfeld    Sauber    1m 23.417s
 9 K.Raikkonen   Sauber    1m 23.595s
10 P.de la Rosa  Jaguar    1m 23.693s
11 J.Button      Benetton  1m 23.892s
12 H.Frentzen    Prost     1m 23.943s
13 E.Irvine      Jaguar    1m 24.031s
14 G.Fisichella  Benetton  1m 24.090s
15 J.Villeneuve  BAR       1m 24.164s
16 J.Alesi       Jordan    1m 24.198s
17 O.Panis       BAR       1m 24.677s
18 E.Bernoldi    Arrows    1m 25.444s
19 J.Verstappen  Arrows    1m 25.511s
20 T.Enge        Prost     1m 26.039s
21 F.Alonso      Minardi   1m 26.218s
22 A.Yoong       Minardi   1m 27.463s


1: The Ferrari team and Ferrari Drivers Entered the Race event 
   with no sponsors logo's on the car and team clothing, the car
   also had a black nose out of respect to the tragedy that hit
   New York and Washington DC in the United States of America 
   on the 11th September 2001.
2: Jordan F1 Car had a large USA Flag on the car out of respect.
3: Jaguar F1 car had black paint covering were the Jaguar cat
   logo would've been out of respect.
4: No champagne was used in the podium presentation after the 
   Italian Grand Prix.