2004 Grand Prix of United States
20 June - Indianapolis: 306.016 km (4.192 km x 73 laps)

Pole position: R. Barrichello   Ferrari    1:10.223s
Fastest Lap:   R. Barrichello   Ferrari    1:10.399s


1  M. Schumacher    Ferrari    1.40:29.914
2  R. Barrichello   Ferrari         +2.950
3  T. Sato          BAR            +22.036
4  J. Trulli        Renault        +34.544
5  O. Panis         Toyota         +37.534
6  K. Raikkonen     McLaren    72 laps
7  D. Coulthard     McLaren    72 laps
8  Z. Baumgartner   Minardi    70 laps


*  J.P Montoya      Williams   56 black-flagged

Did Not Finish:

   G. Fisichella     Sauber    64 hydraulics 
   M. Webber         Jaguar    59 oil leak 
   N. Heidfeld       Jordan    42 engine 
   J. Button         BAR       35 gearbox
   C. da Matta       Toyota    16 gearbox 
   R. Schumacher     Williams   8 accident 
   F. Alonso         Renault    7 puncture 
   C. Klien          Jaguar     0 accident 
   F. Massa          Sauber     0 accident 
   G. Pantano        Jordan     0 accident 
   G. Bruni          Minardi    0 accident

Qualifying Times:

1  R. Barrichello   Ferrari    1:10.223s
2  M. Schumacher    Ferrari    1:10.400s
3  T. Sato          BAR        1:10.601s
4  J. Button        BAR        1:10.820s
5  J.P. Montoya     Williams   1:11.062s
6  R. Schumacher    Williams   1:11.106s
7  K. Raikkonen     McLaren    1:11.137s
8  O. Panis         Toyota     1:11.167s
9  F. Alonso        Renault    1:11.185s
10 M. Webber        Jaguar     1:11.286s
11 C. da Matta      Toyota     1:11.691s
12 D. Coulthard     McLaren    1:12.026s
13 C. Klien         Jaguar     1:12.170s
14 G. Fisichella    Sauber     1:12.470s
15 F. Massa         Sauber     1:12.721s
16 N. Heidfeld      Jordan     1:13.147s
17 G. Pantano       Jordan     1:13.375s
18 G. Bruni         Minardi    1:14.010s
19 Z. Baumgartner   Minardi    1:14.812s
20 J. Trulli        Renault    no time - steering


* = The reason for J.P Montoya's black flag is that 
    when team tried to start the engine on the grid, 
    the starter would not engage into the back of 
    the car and the team decided therefore that 
    J.P Montoya should get into the spare car. However,
    according to the FIA's article No.85 J.P Montoya
    would need to have left the grid within 15 seconds
    before the start of the formation lap.