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Welcome to one of the many Formula 1 World Championship records pages on the Internet.

Formula one is not just a sport in which one watches on television, listens on the radio or reads about in the newspapers or in magazines, but is a test of man and machine on the limits of technology within set rules and regulations. The sport is almost equal to that of NASA space program in terms of technology, but sometimes at a great cost of money and lives. Yes at the end of the day, everybody benefits from the sport in safety of the cars one drives and engineering tested in no other way possible but in racing and in enjoyment of the moment. One can see many other reasons for enjoying the sport, the Speed, the Drivers, the Cars, the sound of powerful engines, the Locations, the Records and statistics, one can not list all reasons that begin people enjoy Formula One Racing.
The history of Formula one is long and very old road in which one meets people of time long past and one never stops learning what makes Formula 1 the sport it is. From the Beginnings of the motorcar, for the very rich to the cars that look like they are from a science fiction movie in it beauty and the cutting edge of technology, but not forgetting the glamour, glory and tragedy that is associated with Formula one racing. This web page is a celebration of history and records long forgotten times. I hope that one will learn something Formula One and appreciate the time taken to make this page one of the few pages dedicated to the History of Formula One and Results.

My current effort is to crosscheck the information to make DNF, NC, and DNS consistent. Different sources give different results for these and some will list drivers twice if they did not finish but completed enough of the race distance to be classified. In addition, I am looking for a better way to display shared drives, which could be very confusing. I've also added Indianapolis results of first 5 finishes and fastest lap when the race was apart of the championship from 1950 to 1960.The Formula one Results from 1894 to 1949 are not exhaustive, but instead reflect motor racing at the top level. Please note that the 1894 to 1949 Results in championship form are not official but show competitiveness of the contestants in non-championship setting and results are been worked on, so watch this space. The races that took place from 1897 to 1906, the classifying of race results were according different car types and will be shown as a result in there own .As information becomes available race results from 1894 to 1949 will appear in my results pages again watch this space....

To date results from 1894 to 1941 & 1945 to 1949 are now available. The Non-championship races from 1950 to 2004 have also been included in their complete form where possible for extra information on Formula 1 racing between races in the Official Championship.

The Triple crown of motor sport is also included in the non-championship section for special interest.

Thank you for your support and interest in the sport I love and enjoy.

Quintin Cloud (1997 - 2099)

If any body can assist in helping locate pre 1949 Results (1894 to 1949) and post 1950 Non-Championship Results (1950 to 2024) Please email me !

Please drop me Email (Quintin Cloud) to note of any corrections to make or if you have any additional information (car model, nationalities, chassis numbers, model numbers, etc.) to make the tables more complete, or just to comment on the page.

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