1939 Grand Prix d'Yougoslavie
3 September - Belgrade: 139.484 Km (2.790 Km x 50 laps)

Pole position: Manfred von Braucitsch  Mercedes-Benz w154   1'16.3
Fastest Lap:   Hermann Muller          Auto-Union D         1'14.0


1 4  4 Tazio Nuvolari           Auto-Union D         1:04'03.8	
2 1  6 Manfred von Braucitsch   Mercedes-Benz w154   1:04'11.4	
3 3  8 Hermann Muller           Auto-Union D         1:04'34.4	
4 5 12 Bosko Milenkovic         Bugatti 51           1:04'27.2	

Did Not Finish:

  2  2 Hermann Lang             Mercedes-Benz W154   15 Accident

Shared Drive:

     2 Walter Baumer            Mercedes-Benz W154		


The return trip from Beograd to Mercedes benz factory Neubauer 
organized a caravan of the German trucks.Off they went trying 
to reach the German border.With rumours that all fuel would be 
confiscated in Hungary the caravan instead chose to take some 
dirty country roads through Slavonia, Croatia and the mountains 
of Slovenia into Austria.To see through the dust the trucks had
to leave a one mile gap between each other. Reaching the factory 
gates the trucks were confiscated by the German army.
The great GP teams were no more.